2015 Hannibal Advent and SITE UPDATES

This year’s Hannibal Advent has begun. Canadagraphs.com will be celebrating by choosing Will and Hannibal’s Christmas meals, outfits, and traditions.  Since some of our best poll results so far have been write-ins (more on that later!), we’re going to start off with a 2-week OPEN NOMINATION PERIOD.  Click HERE to submit your Very Hannigram Holiday Nominations.  This will end December 1st, and the first of the polls will be up that evening.  We’ll run one poll set per week, with the results coming out on the 24th.

The Best Of Hannigram Canon Awards have been proceeding well.  The current round will wrap up on December 8th–People want a chance to vote for sexiest actress, and I live to give you what you want.  We’ll need to relate her to Hannigram somehow, but that’s doable.  That round will close on the 27th, and I’ll have the results out by New Years.

Finally, you see how that banner says “fanfiction links” and “fanart links”? We could totally use those! Tweet or DM @canadagraphs3 on twitter if you have works you’d like listed.  In order to keep with our theme, they should be Hannibal (duh), Hannigram (preferable but not 100% required), and relate in some way to at least one of the following: Canada, moose, maple leaves/syrup, poutine, or Canadian whiskey.



It has come to my attention that a certain fanbase has been clogging up the island destination poll with a NON ISLAND. Remember, those votes are being discarded, and penalty points will be applied to your votes in other categories.

If you are unclear about it, just ask the Bikini Island Caretakers how well it worked our for them last year….

Okay, maybe I need to be more blunt. AUSTRALIANS, each vote you cast in the Island vote is being taken off from your region in THE NEXT ROUND AND BEYOND…so, it’s your own funeral.