Hannigram Holidays, Round 2 Polling

You know the deal by now, my lovelies. Vote your hearts out.  Polls end late Thursday the 17th–I’ll have a short ficlet with the winners up by Saturday morning. (It’s likely to be a wee bit longer.) And remember, write ins will be PUNISHED.




It has come to my attention that a certain fanbase has been clogging up the island destination poll with a NON ISLAND. Remember, those votes are being discarded, and penalty points will be applied to your votes in other categories.

If you are unclear about it, just ask the Bikini Island Caretakers how well it worked our for them last year….

Okay, maybe I need to be more blunt. AUSTRALIANS, each vote you cast in the Island vote is being taken off from your region in THE NEXT ROUND AND BEYOND…so, it’s your own funeral.